‘If You Mess Up, Who Cares?’ How to Dance Like Only Your Best Friends Are Watching

Follow TIME’s ultimate road trip, highlighting extraordinary groups of women across the U.S. Second stop: Los Angeles

By Lucy Feldman | Photographs by Bella Newman for TIME

It’s 1:13 pm on a Sunday in Los Angeles, and four dozen women in knee pads are snaked around one another on the floor in the fetal position. One, in leggings printed with Billy Murray’s face, stands and watches over the rest. She calls out instructions and affirmations between verses of the self-love anthem of 2002, Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” “Put your arms around yourself,” she shouts across the dance studio. “There’s only one person just like you.”

Angela Trimbur, a 37-year-old actor and the founder and captain of the L.A. City Municipal Dance Squad, is leading one of her troupe’s monthly community workshops at the Live Arts Los Angeles studio right off Eagle Rock Boulevard. The eight other members of the squad, a group of colorful creatives in graphic leggings, are curled up on the floor with the crowd.